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Triodames Blaze i bevegelse
Triodames Blaze NKK KRS Excellent i stor åpen klasse med 27 stk

Celebrating 30 years of breeding in 2021

It all started with a litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in 1991... and my first long haired chihuahua was Rubina Gabriella of Rossanty born in 1997-  a stunning blue and tan female who gave me two litters (a CAC winning female in both of them). 

Triodames Blaze - 2 years and a beautiful head and eyes.
True Companion´s Xpress Yourself (2xCAC) "Pippin" What a lovely head and expression he has...Photo: Tonje Engen Saavedra
True Companion´s Xpress Yourself "Pippin" (2xCAC) Photo: Tonje Engen Saavedra